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A Sticky Situation

Posted August 9, 2016

Last week was a long week. Our three-day holiday weekend was filled up with dogs with heat stroke, sick horses, cows with ruptured bladders, dogs with quills, cats with urinary stones, the list goes on and on. Since then we’ve been playing catch up trying to deal with our regular appointments as well as save all of the emergencies that have swept in through the seemingly revolving clinic door. By this afternoon we were beat. Tired, hot and ready to go home, when suddenly our waiting room was filled by a group of six people all gathered around a tiny kitten found in a scrap yard...

Quill emergency

Posted July 29, 2016

Rex’s morning didn’t go exactly as planned. When his owners let him out for his morning pee and sniff around the yard, they certainly weren’t expecting anything exciting or out of the ordinary. But less than five minutes after letting Rex out, a great howling, painful cry echoed across the backyard and the knee-high Labrador/Corgi cross came bolting into the house shaking….and covered head to toe in quills.

While certainly not a dog’s proudest hour, being on the wrong end of a porcupine conversation is actually fairly common, especially...

Deadly Dirt: Fighting biological warfare on the frontlines

Posted July 22, 2016

A middle-aged small breed dog is rushed to the veterinary clinic unable to breathe with mucous pouring from his nose. When he arrives, the vet discovers that the dog also has a high fever, has been vomiting for the last 24 hours, and has lost ten pounds in the last six months. Across town at the local hospital, a sixty year old man is handed a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer. Six months to live. Heartbroken, he returns home to his wife and delivers the bad news.

Set to begin one of the most exciting summers of my life

Posted June 8, 2016

It’s hard to believe that I am saying this but here I am in the summer of 2016, starting my 4th year of veterinary school at the Ontario Veterinary College. Four years ago, if you had told me that I would be where I am today, I never would have believed you. Becoming a veterinarian has been my dream for as long as I can remember, and...