How many new experiences can be packed into 8 weeks?

Externship Project

What is a girl who grew up in a big city doing in a small town mixed animal practice? How will she handle the long days of on-farm calls and the fast paced days of companion animal medicine? How many new experiences can be packed into 8 weeks? These are only a few of the million questions running through my head as I sit here writing my very first blog post, EVER, but let me start at the beginning.

This summer I will be travelling to Paris, Ontario to join the team at the Paris Veterinary Clinic for my eight-week externship project. The team at the clinic were so welcoming and I immediately got a sense that they work together to ensure that every patient is given the best care possible which is something that I am always drawn to.  Paris Veterinary Clinic is a busy clinic with lots going on and I know that I am going to have the opportunity to learn and develop many critical skills while I am with them.

Having just completed my third year at OVC, my brain is packed with a plethora of information on every disease under the sun and I am really looking forward to putting this information into practice. I want to explore the human-animal bond, not only in the context of companion animal medicine but also within the large animal field, which is an area I have limited experience in. I’m really hoping to use this blog as a way to document my love for this industry and my growth as a student veterinarian!

Am I nervous? Absolutely. Am I excited? You better believe it! This is going to be one wild adventure and I can’t wait to share it all with you!