Walkerton-Hanover Veterinary Clinic

Walkerton-Hanover Veterinary Clinic is a mixed animal practice specializing in large animals including dairy and beef animals, equine, small ruminants and small animal appointments in conjunction with the Hanover Veterinary Hospital.

Hanover Veterinary Hospital services include annual wellness exams and vaccinations for small animals, emergency care and surgery with referral options and a doctor on call 24/7, full body and dental radiographs, ultrasound, laboratory diagnostics with many tests provided in-house, elective spay/neuter surgeries, as well as dental prophylaxis and surgeries, nutritional consults, pet pharmacy and pet boarding.

Walkerton Hanover Veterinary Clinic services include, in-clinic and on-farm routine herd health checks, production medicine, wellness exams and vaccine program recommendation, emergency on-farm and in-clinic care with referral option, emergency and elective large animal surgery with option to refer, large animal ultrasound for pregnancy, herd health management, bovine embryo transfer services, large and small animal pharmacy in house, laboratory diagnostics, pet boarding, large animal reproductive management consultations and ProAction Program Management.

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