Picton Animal Hospital

Picton Animal Hospital has been providing veterinary services in the Prince Edward County area for over 40 years. Dr. John Hancock and Dr. David Grier have been with the Picton Animal Hospital since 1972 and 1973 respectively, eventually purchasing the practice in 1989.

As a truly mixed practice, veterinarians care for many different animals including cats, dogs, dairy and beef cattle, horses, swine, small poultry flocks and small ruminants such as sheep, goats, and alpacas.

The practice provides complete care to all types of animals, both small and large, through their medical and surgical facility. The practice is equipped with both in house and portable xrays units for radiographic diagnostics and a therapeutic laser, as well as access to a mobile ultrasonographer for specialized ultrasound diagnostic imaging.

Veterinary Services include medical care, including health examinations, vaccinations, preventative medicine, companion animal services for house pets, emergency care, dental care, boarding, nutritional advice, elective and non-elective (injury or medical) surgery, radiology, diagnostic services, pain management, including rehabilitation, medicine, and alternative therapies, emergency and urgent care, as well as large animal services.

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