Milverton - Wellesley Veterinary Clinic

The Milverton-Wellesley Veterinary Clinic has been offering veterinary care since 1941 with the goal of exceptional medicine with value-added, dependable service and to maintain an active role in the well-being of our communities.

The Clinics also pride themselves in client education, through annual wellness exams and regular herd health visits, providing clients with seminars, educational meetings, newsletters, and an informative website.

The team of veterinarians and support staff work out of two clinics in Milverton and in Wellesley with nine veterinarians, three animal health technicians, and nine full and part-time administrative staff.

Pet services include: medical and surgical services, as well as wellness and vaccination programs, emergency and after-hours care.

Equine services include: acupuncture, broodmare health, chiropractic care, dentistry, emergency medicine, lameness examinations, preventative medicine digital and portable radiography, reproduction health, soundness examination and digital and portable ultrasonography.

Farm services cover beef, dairy, small ruminant and swine, including reproductive herd health, embryo transfer service, lameness prevention and treatment, mastitis prevention, calf health, barn design, Johne’s risk assessment, CQM training and producer education, emergency medicine and surgery, calf disease prevention programs. 


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