Hird and Partner’s LLC

Hird and Partners is equipped to care for individual animals be they pets, farm animals or equine.

Their large animal practice provides an ambulatory service to equine and farm clients. They are well-established in treating large animals, including cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and camelids with a team of experienced large animal veterinary surgeons, providing 24-hour out-of-hours service.

Farm animal services include fertility, herd health planning, lameness, mastitis and surgery. The practice carries out both routine and emergency fertility work, including regular herd visits to farms for ultrasound scans for pregnancy diagnosis and identification of infertile animals. They formulate herd health plans to provide solutions and long-term plans for problems resulting in reduced performance and fertility.

Equine services include dentistry, medicine, pre-purchase examinations, preventative medicine, vaccinations, yard visits, anaesthesia, hospitalisation, surgery, laparoscopy, diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, gastroscopy, lameness workups, shockwave, fertility services, stud medicine, and MRI facilities. Their equine surgical and diagnostic unit carries out investigations, diagnostic imaging procedures and surgery, including orthopaedic procedures and colics.

Small animal services include hospitalisation, radiography, ultrasound, x-ray, surgery and anaesthesia, and preventative medicine. They also offer an active preventative medicine programme covering vaccination, worm and flea treatment and micro-chipping.


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