Looking forward and looking back

Externship Project

As we move through life, it can sometimes be tough to remember what it was like to be the younger version of ourselves. A career in veterinary medicine (and the type-A personality that usually comes along with it) trains us early on to always be looking, thinking, and planning ahead, with little focus placed on reflection. This can make it hard to remember what it was like to be that high school or university student kennel attendant with big dreams, cleaning kennels and mopping floors while eavesdropping on the externship students to learn a little about the adventures they were experiencing, daring to imagine ourselves in that position one day. Vet school seemed like a faraway dream, a holy grail, the answer to all my uncertainties about me and my future, and I couldn’t wait to be in the position of externship student.

I remember being that kennel attendant, spending several summers and most weekends throughout my undergraduate years at a veterinary clinic in Dundas. I distinctly remember each and every externship student who I met in those years; I remember being so in awe of their accomplishments and so excited to witness and be a part of their learning journey, hoping all the time to be in the same position one day. I have now reached the point where I am in that very position – and it feels so weird!

I am so excited to be returning as an externship student to the veterinary clinic where I worked throughout my undergraduate degree – Dundas Animal Hospital. The veterinarians and all of the staff work to create a supportive working environment and I am looking forward to learning from everyone in a new capacity as a student veterinarian! I am also excited to be recording these experiences as part of the Externship Blog Project; reflection is so integral to learning, and I look forward to sharing my reflections throughout this experience with all of you! I hope you enjoy reading all of our blogs this year!