Isn’t that why you’re here?

Externship Project

“Isn’t that why you’re here?” A simple question to most people, but as I bustled through my second day of my externship at Paris Veterinary Clinic I realized I wasn’t 100 per cent sure why I was there until that moment. Yes, the externship is a course required by OVC for me to graduate as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and yes it needs to be at a mixed animal practice, but that’s not why I am in Paris for the next eight weeks. I’m there to get a feel for what being a veterinarian is like – outside of the lecture halls. This is finally my opportunity to dive in head first and be ready to tackle situations that I am going to face every day once I’m out of school. The basic task of placing a few sutures was enough for me to clue in that this is a way for me to build some self-confidence and begin to establish my way of practicing medicine!

Paris Veterinary Clinic is busy – busier than any other clinic I’ve ever worked in and I LOVE it! In just two days I have seen five surgical procedures and countless appointments – I can’t even imagine what I am going to see for the rest of the eight weeks! I’m starting off in my comfort zone this week, spending my days in the small animal clinic and I am already learning so much! Today, while observing a dental extraction being performed, I learned more than just technique but about the necessity for patience and control.  Even though when I first get out into the real world, I know I’m going to be excited and ready to go go go, it will be critical for my patient that I take my time and not rush delicate procedures. 

This big city girl is already getting the feel for small town life and it’s a breath of fresh air! Can’t wait to see where the next few days are going to take me – hope you enjoy the ride!


Henry the clinic cat welcomed me with open paws.