How did your Externship impact your veterinary career?

Externship Project

Dr. Melissa Wagner, OVC 2017
(2016 Externship Blog Project)

I did my externship at Prescott Animal Hospital in Prescott, Ontario. I am currently working in small animal general practice at the Brockville Animal Hospital in Brockville, Ontario. I live nearby with my husband, John, on our dairy farm with our dogs, Diego and Papito, and cats, Wallace and Myrtle.

""The hands on and case-based learning experiences that the externship offered were invaluable to starting my career. The experiences gained through my externship definitely provided me with a solid foundation in general practice.

I was fortunate enough to go to an externship clinic that had a close relationship with the local humane society. This provided me with lots of opportunity to perform many spay and neuter surgeries under the supervision of the veterinarians at the practice. This experience laid the ground work for my surgical skill and helped to build my confidence as a young veterinarian. This experience sparked my love for surgery and I have pursued additional surgical training and courses since graduation.