The heart of any veterinary practice

Externship Project

Trying to decide what to share from my first week was very hard, it was an incredible week, so many interesting cases! As I got closer to the end of my first week I realized that there is a side of veterinary medicine that is often overlooked, the clinic’s support team: veterinary technicians, the receptionist, the veterinary assistant, the practice manager; the heart of any veterinary practice. They do so much for your pets, for the veterinarians, for the clinic and for the future veterinarians.

I have never been a fan of “first days”... that first day at a new job, at a new school; those are never fun, it's hard to tell what to expect. The night before my first day at Troy I was nervous, but I was very excited. I get up early in the morning and get ready for my first day as a 4th year veterinary student! I walked in and from the first moment the support team welcomed me with kind smiles. They are constantly running around meeting the needs of vets, clients and pets; and they have included and guided me as if I was part of their team.

So let me introduce you to the amazing support team at Troy Veterinary Services:

The 3 veterinary technicians: Sherri, Erin & Rayna

Sherri: She has been an incredible teacher on the art of venipuncture, no vessel is small enough or flat enough to escape from her! Even her doggie Bomber has given me a lesson! She's also a master in anesthesia monitoring, but that story will have to wait.







Erin: the saviour of my puppy's fear for nail trims, she has taught me the perfect way to get Shyla to stop freaking out about nail trims (and believe me I had try absolutely everything). She has also being incredibly supportive and encouraging at having me start appointments and talk to owners, she has a very sweet and reassuring personality.






Rayna: you might not be able to catch up with her. She is always go, go, go and whenever you need anything she has it all ready for you… I think she maybe reads minds or can foresee the future...who knows. Although we have some disagreement on folding towels and blankets J, she has been great at helping me build my confidence!






Andrea: the practice manager. Yeah the practice is so lucky to have someone look after all the boring stuff...I mean all the important business stuff. Schedules, accounting, business plans, etc. And she she's not afraid to jump in and help holding animals.







Sam: the Tetris queen! She is the clinic veterinary assistant, when she is not busy on the road on equine calls, she is helping at the clinic covering the phones, helping with animals, or reorganizing the truck like a Tetris game so there's a seat for me to tag along on horse calls! 







Janet: the lovely receptionist that schedules your pet’s appointments and takes your messages when you so one of the vets can get back to you! She was the first person I talked to a year ago to inquire about my externship, wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her passing my info along.


There are so many good things I could say about each one of them, but space is limited. What I can say is that my experience at Troy has been amazing not only thanks to the vets, but also because the support team is absolutely incredible.

So next time you bring your pet to the vet, please don't forget to thank them! They do a lot for your pets, for you, for the vets and the clinic and they play an important role in training future veterinarians!