The calm after the storm

Externship Project

Abilene Animal Hospital (AAH) is truly a leader in the community and takes care of its animals and its people in their time of need.

On Wednesday, May 25 the small city of Abilene was hit with a ½ mile wide, house-shattering-combine-throwing tornado. Luckily no humans had major injuries but a few animals that were outside during this time were brought in to the clinic to be treated. Over the past week everyone in the community, especially those at Abilene Animal Hospital, have been working hard to repair the damages to both homes and hearts.

When they are not out for a barn visit or in the clinic helping sick animals get better, you’ll find the veterinarians of AAH at tornado sites helping those neighbours affected by this monstrous tornado. Everyone in the clinic took the time to help those affected by this natural disaster, whether it was picking up broken porcelain from the yard, clearing out fallen trees or providing clothes and food for those that lost everything in the disaster. The veterinarians and their families spent long hours cleaning up the debris of a neighbourhood home that had been on the direct path of the tornado and had completely vanished as the tornado made its way through the fields.

Overcoming these unexpected challenges truly keeps you grounded and makes us stronger. It’s clear to me that veterinarians are not just here for the animals but also for the community and its people. Each day that I spend here, I’m amazed by the generosity and kindness of the people of Abilene and feel very lucky to be surrounded by such a great community.

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