Salomon Schroeter

Student veterinarian with Holstein cow

Meet Salomon :

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Originally from Ottawa, Salomon is returning to Eastern Ontario for his externship to practice veterinary medicine at farms similar to his grandparent’s farms, where his love for animals began. Having a passion for many aspects of veterinary medicine, he has a keen interest in finding a career that allows his days to be filled with a mix of both small and large animals. He is looking forward to gaining lots of hands-on experience with a variety of species (especially cows), while working alongside the hardworking staff at Martintown Animal Hospital. He believes that the ability to educate your clients and foster those relationships will be the most invaluable part of this career. His undergraduate degree in Microbiology & Immunology at McGill University provided a solid base for DVM studies with an emphasis on case-based learning, as well as a solid background in biosecurity, disease management and control, and an important understanding on how to practically apply these principles to real life cases. Since his first year at OVC, Salomon has been tuning into the OVC Externship Blog Project and was inspired to share his externship journey this summer. He can’t wait to take you along for the ride and share the landscape of Eastern Ontario agriculture with you!

Veterinary Practice: